Unity + XML + Doxygen + Graphviz: Documentation and Views

Sometimes is good to have a good documentation in a proyect specially if you restart a proyect after several month of doing other things, so here is a quick guide, maybe you will need it some day.

XML: In front of any item (class, variable, method, etc), just type “///”. The editor will fill in an XML template and attempt to auto-document the item. You can adjust the comments however you want.

Doxygen: install Doxygen and Jacob Pennock’s Doxygen Unity integration.

Graphviz: install it, after that you need to choose with options do you will need in your proyect, editing the Doxygen file of your proyect.

Configure DOT and Doxygen: The best way to configure, is with the Doxygen GUI frontend:

Start → Programs → doxygen → doxywizard

Click “Expert…” in the Doxygen Wizard and select the tab “Dot”.
Here you need to tell Doxygen that Graphiz has been installed and the path to Graphviz.
Select “HAVE_DOT” and enter the path to the Graphiz binaries.

Sin título3

In the wizard we can configure the options we will need in the proyect.

Remember to add the DOT_PATH and then only runn the program in the RUN seccion of the wizard.

The Result will be something like this:

Sin título2

Sin título



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